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Cervin Ventures

Founding Engineer at Type



New York, NY, USA
Posted on Monday, August 28, 2023

At Type, we are building a new kind of document editor.

It's designed to help individuals and teams write more, better, faster.

We are reimagining every component of the document editor to infuse it with speed, intelligence, and delight.

Our mission is to help more people express brilliant ideas.

The fastest writing experience ever created

Type harmonizes with the natural writing process to help people find great ideas and the right words to express them.

Over time, Type will evolve into a collaborator that knows you and your goals, style, and knowledge.

Our first set of features assist with the essential parts of the writing process:

  • Type Chat can help with ideation and brainstorming
  • Type’s in-doc features like "Generate Draft" can write entire first drafts of content
  • Type's command palette lets a user instantly summon powerful writing commands at their cursor as they refine a document

We're building a beautiful and powerful rich text editor suited for writing anything, including technical articles involving math and code.

Behind the scenes, we are developing a prompting and context pipeline that ensures high-quality generations.

We are small, passionate team backed by top VCs

Right now, we're a team of two based in Brooklyn.

Stew Fortier (CEO) is an entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple successful companies. Stefan Li (CTO) is a passionate software engineer who previously worked at Meta and Walmart Labs.

Type is backed by Y Combinator (Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox) and a number of other top Silicon Valley VCs and angels.

We are looking for a Founding Engineer to join us in-person in New York to build a new document editor designed for the AI era.


A sample of things you might work on:

  • Building advanced rich text editing features.
  • Working on sync and offline first features using data structures such as CRDTs.
  • Building multiplayer features for collaborative editing.
  • Building LLM based writing features that span all levels in the stack.

What we're looking for in you

  • You have proven experience in writing rich and complex frontend applications.
  • You are fluent in one or more frontend and backend technologies.
  • You have a good product sense and attention to details.
  • You believe that building things that solves the customer's problems comes first.
  • You have strong foundational skills in Computer Science.


  • Competitive salary
  • Generous stock package
  • 100% employer-covered medical, dental, and vision for you and any dependents
  • Dedicated workspace in a beautiful new building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Apply today

As the first engineering hire, you'll have a chance to shape the direction of our product and make a significant impact on the future of writing and collaboration.

If you are passionate about building great software and want to play a part in transforming the way people write, we want to hear from you.